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  • JetFlex Elite

    JetFlex® Elite Aircraft Interior Finish is a two-component polyurethane coating designed to create a softer, richer atmosphere in the aircraft cabin. JetFlex® Elite creates a subtle glow with highlights and colored shadows that is more responsive to LED lighting for both the private and commercial aircraft interiors. JetFlex® Elite is designed to meet the performance requirements of Boeing BMS 10-83N, Type II and is based off of OEM qualified technology.  It also meets the FAR / JAR 25.853 regulations for burn, smoke and heat release.
    JetFlex Elite can be used for overall sections on aircraft sidewalls, seating structures, gallons and other accent areas within the aircraft.  
    L-Series Colors - Single Stage
    LPR-Series Colors - Two-Stage Radiance

    • Available as single-stage product for most colors or a two-stage radiance coat system for whites and light colors.
    • Designed to meet the performance requirements of the Boeing Material Specification BMS 10-83N, Type II
    • Designed to meet the FAR/JAR 25.853 regulations for burn, smoke and heat release
    • Specially selected pigments create sophistication and mood enhancement in the aircraft cabin
    • Excellent adhesion to plastic and metal substrates and to the recommended primer
    • Outstanding stain resistance
    • Fast drying
    • Excellent hardness, mar and abrasion resistance
    • Excellent film flexibility
    • Extensive color palette from bright whites and neutrals to subtle effects
    • Productivity ease as the vast majority of colors can be applied as a single stage coating

    CM0981500 JetFlex® Elite Interior Finish 981500 Series (LP and LPR Colors)

    CM0981520 JetFlex Interior Aircraft Finish (Part B)

    CM0110895 JetFlex Elite Reducer

    CM0981590 JetFlex Elite Silver Mica Base

    CM0981585 JetFlex Elite 2 Stage Mixing Clear