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  • JetFlex® WR Aircraft Interior Finish

    JetFlex® WR Aircraft Interior Finish is a low VOC, single component, water reducible polyurethane dispersion intended for the aircraft interior market. It provides a smooth or texture-coating system on structural foam, injection molded plastic, or treated steel. JetFlex® WR provides performance properties similar to two component solvent-based polyurethanes

    • Designed to meet the performance criteria of the FAR/JAR 25.853
    • One Package – no catalyst
    • Water based – No flash point and low odor
    • VOC of less than 2.3 lbs/gal (275 g/L) at application
    • Uses DI water for reducing and cleaning
    • Excellent solvent, hardness and chemical resistance
    • Excellent hardnes
    • Air-dry or force dry
    • Unlimited solid colors available at multiple gloss ranges with intermix system

    F JetFlex® WR Aircraft Interior Finish Water Reducible Polyurethane Dispersion 981400 Series (P and F Colors)