Helicopters are rotocraft that take off and land on a vertical basis. Their lift and thrust is supplied by one or more engine driven rotors. They are used for air ambulance and medical transport, safety and law enforcement services, media observation, tourism and recreation.
  • Acry Glo® HS high solids acrylic urethane system
  • JetFlex® WR water reducible polyurethane dispersion, interior topcoat
  • Soft Swade® soft feel interior topcoat
  • Sherwin-Williams fine selection of quality exterior and interior primers

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Today aviation coatings speicifiers and painters ASK for Aerospace Coating by Sherwin-Williams to be provided with quality coating systems and technical support to the global commercial, military, general and business aviation markets. Sherwin-Williams is an industry leader in innovation and technology solutions with its certified products, top rated services and knowledgeable team of field technicians.